Bit by Bit

Wow in a million years I never thought I would be doing this! Me Blogging? What am I thinking……..

I guess that is where I will start! What am I thinking?

I am perfectly imperfect!

If you are reading this to find fault you will find it! However if you are reading to find relatable content, thoughts and raw honesty you will find that and I hope it serves you better.

I try to push people up and I am hoping that you will do the same.

I am thinking that I am a kindred spirit, not content to just exist. I go through my life challenging my beliefs when they do not serve me.  I know I am not alone in my journey, however sometime the experience can feel or I precieve it like that.

So if you are thinking in your head “sister speaks for me” you may have found that same place I keep searching for. So I, stopped searching and decided to make my own space damn it! My little slice of where, what, how, when, why (the who bit is all of you); where I can laugh at myself for flying my freak flag loud and proud. Where I am open to change my mind, because I am no longer in the place I was, and that I am no longer that person I was the previous day. Not everyone can understand this it seems.

Through out this process I hope I can inspire myself and others.

I will challenge my self to share my Art, Music, Poetry, Relationships. Explore how to utilize my creative abilites to become and entrepreneur and build my life on my terms because this corporate rat race is no longer for me. I am teaching myself  new skills, that will lift me higher in my  relationships, art, voice, music, poetry, business and internet marketing. I will share my success and failures and each are relivant to succeed!

Unabashedly yours,

Kelly Kelly