Art, paint, texture

The baby picture of Calypso.

If you have had the chance to peek at my art page, you will see that I love ROSES! As well as my cat. Lol.

I never plan out any of my art pieces. The paint and brushes and the feel of the painting tend to just take me on a journey. I tend to paint roses in a few colors that would be black, red, white and variations of those colors.

I use mostly recycled canvasses. I find them at garage sales, second hand stores and free rummage events. I even paint over some of my first paintings that were more like works in progress.

Some of my paintings take hours and some take many years to complete. I never know in advance what will unfold on my canvases. It’s always a surprise in a delight to me. I turned my music up loud what’s my favorite playlist. Letting the Flow State take me over. That place where it is fun, easy and natural to paint and create.

This process is mostly self taught. There is a lot of experimentation with products, brushes, strange objects, sparkles and broken mirrors. Sometimes my cats even get involved when I letting a piece dry they’ve knocked it over and stepped across it. This is one of my older pieces.

If you can make the picture bigger it’s in the middle of the flower. One kitty paw print. The Sprint then trips is across my black leather furniture.

This is the offending cat Xerxes Blue. Even my cats have lots of texture.

Jellyfish Sting Alerts

We all know a person who seems to deflate others any chance they get. Some people go out of their way to make stinging comments to or at others. I really think this says a lot more about them than the stings they swing towards you.

After a recent experience, I have decided that I’m going to go out of my way to put a stop to this kind of behavior every time it is launched at me. I’m not sure if it’s used as a humiliation tactic, an embarrassment tactic, or if the other person is just an arse.

In the past, I seemed to go into a state of shock when somebody swung their “jellyfish sting”. In disbelief, and stunned, I’m always taken aback at cruelty of words.

Don’t get me wrong I am one to call a spade a spade on behaviors. Boundaries are very important and a healthy aspect of how I choose to be treated. Going after a person’s physical, mental, or emotional attributes though…. Unacceptable behavior! I consider that to be petty.

People don’t like everyone that’s just how it works. I would rather leave people in a better state than where I found them, even if I dislike the person I can still acknowledge they deserve to be treated respectfully.

What gives one the right to go out of their way to be unkind or cruel for no apparent reason? That is never called for. One can still have respectful interaction with a person. A smile and a kind word never cost me anything. However projections of negative energy accompanied with unkind words, actually has destructive effects. The truth is I’m not willing to live in that low- energy and all the repercussions that brings.

Humans are imperfect beings whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, every one of us incurred scars/wounds in some manner. I choose to be tender with my scars and extra kind so that they heal properly. if I’m looking at people so closely that I’m finding their scars obviously I’m not tending to my own.

I tend to find sarcasm distasteful.

According to the source. http://www.literarydevices.Net

“Definition of Sarcasm”

Sarcasm is derived from the French word sarcasmor, and also from the Greek word sarkazein, which means “tear flesh,” or “grind the teeth.” Somehow, in simple words it means to speak bitterly.

Generally, the literal meaning is different than what the speaker intends to say through sarcasm. Sarcasm is a literary and rhetorical device that is meant to mock, often with satirical or ironic remarks, with a purpose to amuse and hurt someone, or some section of society, simultaneously. For instance.

Types of Sarcasm

Sarcasm often depends upon the voicetone. There are seven types:

  1. Self-Deprecating Sarcasm – This category of sarcasm expresses an overstated sense of inferiority and worthlessness.
  2. Brooding Sarcasm – In this criticism, the speaker utters something polite. However, the tone of his speech has a marked bitterness to it.
  3. Deadpan Sarcasm – It is expressed without emotion or laughter, making it difficult for the listener to judge whether the speaker is joking or mocking.
  4. Polite Sarcasm – A speaker is said to have delivered a polite sarcasm when his listeners only get to realize that his kind remark was a sarcastic one after they had given it some thought.
  5. Obnoxious Sarcasm – This kind of sarcasm makes people feel like punching the speaker in the face. It is not very funny, and it gets under your skin.
  6. Manic Sarcasm – This type of sarcasm is delivered in an unnatural happy mood, which makes the speaker look like he has gone crazy.
  7. Raging Sarcasm – This kind of sarcasm relies mainly on exaggeration and violent threats.”

No thank you to sarcasm. It’s way to easy to be cruel under the guise of “humor”! I think it’s passive-aggressive way to be mean. I see that passive aggressive behaviors and sarcasm tend to go together.

We can’t be worried about correctness all the time I get that. When something is not right we know and if it’s a repetitive behaviors, it needs to be addressed. We can do this from an intellectual position rather than an emotional one. I refuse to be a victim of somebody else’s cruelty but rather a champion for myself. Even if my voice shakes! Thats a true superpower!

I choose to adjust my own crown and others quietly, nobody else needs to know. This to me, is an empowering behavior and it pushes people up.

Our Lady Bitz encapsulate all women from our head to our toes our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. As women we have to be advocates for ourself and each other.

Loving all of my own imperfectly perfect Lady Bitz! I encourage you to love yours!

Unapologetically yours,

Kelly Kelly ⭐🌟⭐

Lady bitz on Pinterest

I opened up a Pinterest account (June 2018).


According to Technopedia.

Pinterest social media website that allows users to organize and share images and videos from around the Web. Images uploaded by users are called Pins and may be organized into pinboards, which may be customized, themed and followed by other users. Users can also like or repin content shared by other pinners….
I really do not keep up with all the social media platforms. Having said that I do really like Pinterest. One can post I–mean pin but generally do not comment on everything , yay for that.

My Pinterest is linked to my WordPress blog, if you hadn’t had a chance to take a peek.

I try to keep my Pinterest in the same spirit as my blog. Topics for women; about our femininity; minds, bodies & spirit.

I hope this inspires other women to find their own feminine power. Take what you need to move forward from where you are and leave the rest. It is important to trust in ourselves to share our sacred knowledge. Try not to judge your process but navigate and discover your way through.

My intent is to celebrate our individuality, where we are at. I believe we are stronger together as a sisterhood. I feel compelled to engage, discuss and enjoy the ride down the rabbit hole and am always surprised and delighted with what I find.

What started me on this journey? I was told that women could have nine different types of orgasms. Not only did it put a smile on my face but it also sent me on a research journey. I was not sure about this statement, but this inspired me!

Hence my first Pinterest board was born. “orgasm for women within my first two weeks I had 150K views. I thought to myself how much I didn’t know about my own anatomy, my own body and how it works. It showed me, that I really was not alone. In addition I was shocked at how little I really knew.

As women we talk a lot about many different things, but this never really came up. So I started to ask delicate questions to some of the women in my “close” circle. The conversations surprised me just as much.

You can imagine this raised a few eyebrows! That’s how my journey started. The women that I talked with encouraged me to share what I was researching. We had some embarrassing conversations, and laughed at ourselves as we shared. I found the conversations awkward at first. Then came the acknowledgement that women wanted to have some of these conversations. This put me more at ease and conversations opened up and went to a whole new level.

I am more interested in mind, body, soul work, honouring the uniqueness of being “me”. I am no longer okay with just decorating, painting and accessorizing the body of “me”. This is a process of redefining everything I believed to be true. What beauty means to me, and knowing “me” from the inside out.

Redefine pleasure and bliss in life. Standing in those moments, being able to drink it in and just breathe. Everybody and every body knows exactly what’s right for them, and it’s not the same for everyone. Discovering my own muchness.

Learning to being okay in my own company, with my own sexuality. Finding courage to discuss uncomfortable topics and empowering femininity.

Unapologetically yours,


P.s- the pictures are moment of my life/family that make me smile.

Nyx Aura

Nyx Aura means loosely, Night Wind.

I love to create Music, Art, Poetry. Being creative is like oxygen for me. I get to add my own flair in my unique way while nourishing my being.

I consider myself an Artisan. Fitting into boxes and doing what I am told to do, is not my thing. I have been hiding my art, music, it is now time to start to showcase my work.


Making art has been a journey of trust with myself. A focus which has been scaled back to only exactly what I love. The colours I love (Red, Black, White, Yellow) and variations of them. Roses, I love roses! Every variation I can imagine up artistically on the canvas with different mediums. I just can not paint enough of them.


Music is cathartic and allows me to empty my minds energy through lyrics. I love the sound of blues, punk, rock and grunge. I love unique voices rather than bands. I also have a lot of fun at karaoke.

I am in the process of creating and processing original music. Development of this page is something I look forward to constructing in the near future. This is also where the poetry aspect comes in.

Moving into new territories in life, I seem to have more questions and interests which send me to do personal interest research and learning. I am discovering a whole new side of myself, my more authentic side and have decided to change my life.

To my surprise, I am a lot more introverted or have become more introverted, then I realized. I have no desire to fit in or put my image out to the world as my experience is that the stories are more important than image.

My intent is to write about subjects that effect growth, life, health, wealth mindset, family and women’s issues. Hence the name “Lady Bitz”, bit by bit!

Unapologetically Me!

Getting Clear By Navigating and Sculpting a New Existence

I have this recurring feeling that, although life was good something just wasn’t quite right. I found it to be persistent, like a twitch you can’t control.

Sometimes it was super quiet whisper and sometimes it roared. Regardless it was a recurring theme I needed to get to the bottom of.

It turned into this rabbit hole. This process opened up loads of questions and then more questions. Although I was not clear on exactly the cause, it inspired me to move towards finding what happiness looks like for me.

I really started looking at broad topics and themes in life that I could incorporate more happiness. I applied the microscope metaphor to myself, who I thought I was, who I really am, where do I want to be. Focusing in and out on these topics and themes some needed to be adjusted, some did not. How do you know unless you do the work? I took topics and themes that were broad and that I wanted more of, then I got uncomfortably specific and then excitedly challenged.

I tried many different things on for size and if I didn’t like it I took it off (and continue to). This is also a continuous process. Thinking about how one knows they don’t like something unless they try new things and being okay with the fact that if I tried it and it just didn’t sit right it was time to move on.

I was going to stop wasting precious time doing things that didn’t make me completely happy.

It was okay to change directions mid path! I could say at least I tried and found out it wasn’t for me rather than being left wondering what if!

I’m now okay with not fitting into conventional boxes. Okay with NOT wanting what other people want. That was so far from my own personal truth. I was now secure to be me, on my own terms. I came to realize that one loses people on this path. As well that it will really show you unexpected truths.

I will take accountability for my decisions.

I would no longer allow people to project their beliefs, perceptions or thoughts of how or who I should be. This small change really put me at odds with some. I had to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable if there was to be real change.

Getting serious about sculpting new existence.

Bit by Bit

Wow in a million years I never thought I would be doing this! Me Blogging? What am I thinking……..

I guess that is where I will start! What am I thinking?

I am perfectly imperfect!

If you are reading this to find fault you will find it! However if you are reading to find relatable content, thoughts and raw honesty you will find that and I hope it serves you better.

I try to push people up and I am hoping that you will do the same.

I am thinking that I am a kindred spirit, not content to just exist. I go through my life challenging my beliefs when they do not serve me.  I know I am not alone in my journey, however sometime the experience can feel or I precieve it like that.

So if you are thinking in your head “sister speaks for me” you may have found that same place I keep searching for. So I, stopped searching and decided to make my own space damn it! My little slice of where, what, how, when, why (the who bit is all of you); where I can laugh at myself for flying my freak flag loud and proud. Where I am open to change my mind, because I am no longer in the place I was, and that I am no longer that person I was the previous day. Not everyone can understand this it seems.

Through out this process I hope I can inspire myself and others.

I will challenge my self to share my Art, Music, Poetry, Relationships. Explore how to utilize my creative abilites to become and entrepreneur and build my life on my terms because this corporate rat race is no longer for me. I am teaching myself  new skills, that will lift me higher in my  relationships, art, voice, music, poetry, business and internet marketing. I will share my success and failures and each are relivant to succeed!

Unabashedly yours,

Kelly Kelly