Owning all the bitz

Artist bio and an Artist statement.

To me this is a reflection of my my work and it needs to be a living breathing document.

I’m so interested in different forms of art techniques, I look for different ways to integrate them together.

Working in:


Acrylic painting

Sculpting mediums



Edgy Goth Roses



Musical symbols


Textures/ layering

Dry brushing


Sculpting mediums

Artist Bio:

Kelly is a blooming self-taught artist with passion for painting and sculpting combinations. The art incorporates a variety of sculpting mediums and recyclables in her acrylic works. Inspiration gets ignited from a intuitive perspective she uses to expand her artistic work.

Authenticity observing and interpreting beauty in darkness, keeps her in a Flow state. Her reflection that “darkness does not always equate to evil just like the light does not always bring good” (anonymous) influences her work.

Kelly is trying to creatively redefine the boundaries of femininity, Sheek (chic) goth, curiously through abstract roses/abstract flowers. The ultimate goal is getting these looks printed in textiles for women’s clothing.

Other art forms she uses is Encaustics creating and texturizing with hot wax. Kelly’s favorite way to work is to let the art unveil or reveal itself on canvas.

Artist Statement:

I draw on the darkness within femininity for inspiration. Translateing my adoration of this feminine darkness. Celebrating abstract versatility. Translating darkness into beauty. Embracing imperfection.

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