Art, paint, texture

The baby picture of Calypso.

If you have had the chance to peek at my art page, you will see that I love ROSES! As well as my cat. Lol.

I never plan out any of my art pieces. The paint and brushes and the feel of the painting tend to just take me on a journey. I tend to paint roses in a few colors that would be black, red, white and variations of those colors.

I use mostly recycled canvasses. I find them at garage sales, second hand stores and free rummage events. I even paint over some of my first paintings that were more like works in progress.

Some of my paintings take hours and some take many years to complete. I never know in advance what will unfold on my canvases. It’s always a surprise in a delight to me. I turned my music up loud what’s my favorite playlist. Letting the Flow State take me over. That place where it is fun, easy and natural to paint and create.

This process is mostly self taught. There is a lot of experimentation with products, brushes, strange objects, sparkles and broken mirrors. Sometimes my cats even get involved when I letting a piece dry they’ve knocked it over and stepped across it. This is one of my older pieces.

If you can make the picture bigger it’s in the middle of the flower. One kitty paw print. The Sprint then trips is across my black leather furniture.

This is the offending cat Xerxes Blue. Even my cats have lots of texture.

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