Lady bitz on Pinterest

I opened up a Pinterest account (June 2018).



My Pinterest is linked to my WordPress blog, if you hadn’t had a chance to take a peek.

I try to keep my Pinterest in the same spirit as my blog. Topics for women; about our femininity; minds, bodies & spirit.

I hope this inspires other women to find their own feminine power. Take what you need to move forward from where you are and leave the rest. It is important to trust in ourselves to share our sacred knowledge. Try not to judge your process but navigate and discover your way through.

My intent is to celebrate our individuality, where we are at. I believe we are stronger together as a sisterhood. I feel compelled to engage, discuss and enjoy the ride down the rabbit hole and am always surprised and delighted with what I find.

What started me on this journey?

Nine different types of orgasms. Not only did it put a smile on my face but it also sent me on a research journey. I was not sure about this statement, but this inspired me!

Hence my first Pinterest boards was born.

As women we talk a lot about many different things, but this never really came up. So I started to ask delicate questions to some of the women in my “close” circle. The conversations surprised me just as much.

You can imagine this raised a few eyebrows! That’s how my journey started. The women that I talked with encouraged me to share what I was researching. We had some embarrassing conversations, and laughed at ourselves as we shared. I found the conversations awkward at first. Then came the acknowledgement that women wanted to have some of these conversations. This put me more at ease and conversations opened up and went to a whole new level.

I am more interested in mind, body, soul work, honouring the uniqueness of being “me”. This is a process of redefining everything I believed to be true. What beauty means to me, and knowing “me” from the inside out.

Redefine pleasure and bliss in life. Standing in those moments, being able to drink it in and just breathe. Everybody and every body knows exactly what’s right for them, and it’s not the same for everyone. Discovering my own muchness.

Learning to being okay in my own company, with my own sexuality, eccentricities and darkness. Finding courage to discuss uncomfortable topics and empowering femininity.

Unapologetically yours,


P.s- the pictures are moment of my life/family that make me smile.

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