Nyx Aura

Nyx Aura means loosely, Night Wind.

I love to create Music, Art, Poetry. Being creative is like oxygen for me. I get to add my own flair in my unique way while nourishing my being.

I consider myself an Artisan. Fitting into boxes and doing what I am told to do, is not my thing. I have been hiding my art, music, it is now time to start to showcase my work.


Making art has been a journey of trust with myself. A focus which has been scaled back to only exactly what I love. The colours I love (Red, Black, White, Yellow) and variations of them. Roses, I love roses! Every variation I can imagine up artistically on the canvas with different mediums. I just can not paint enough of them.


Music is cathartic and allows me to empty my minds energy through lyrics. I love the sound of blues, punk, rock and grunge. I love unique voices rather than bands. I also have a lot of fun at karaoke.

I am in the process of creating and processing original music. Development of this page is something I look forward to constructing in the near future. This is also where the poetry aspect comes in.

Moving into new territories in life, I seem to have more questions and interests which send me to do personal interest research and learning. I am discovering a whole new side of myself, my more authentic side and have decided to change my life.

To my surprise, I am a lot more introverted or have become more introverted, then I realized. I have no desire to fit in or put my image out to the world as my experience is that the stories are more important than image.

My intent is to write about subjects that effect growth, life, health, wealth mindset, family and women’s issues. Hence the name “Lady Bitz”, bit by bit!

Unapologetically Me!

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